Air Drilling Services

An environmentally sound solution to directional drilling, the Minimal Impact Air Drilling Service from Minimal Impact, is ideally suited for sensitive environmental installations in fractured formations, loose soils and other unsuitable geological formations.

The Air Drilling System utilizes pneumatic percussion tools that are similar in concept to a standard jackhammer except that it operates at a higher frequency of percussions per minute; as much as 2,200 beats per minute.

Powered by high volume air pressure, the Air Drilling System does not utilize drilling mud as is required in conventional drilling techniques. Only a minimal amount of water 2 – 4 gallons per minute (7 to 15 liters per minute) is introduced into the air stream for transmitter cooling, hammer lubrication, dust suppression and hole cleaning. Think of the air as a continuous supply of mud that creates no impact on the environment and does not need to be cleaned up or disposed of.

The Minimal Impact Air Drilling Service delivers a considerable increase in rock penetration compared to conventional rock systems. An increased production in a wider range of conditions than is possible with conventional drilling methods without the potential for environmental impact.

This service diminishes the types of drilling conditions that were considered to be difficult or unfeasible for HDD. Drilling rock is still tougher and more time consuming than drilling in dirt, but these tools are much more efficient than conventional drills in those situations.

Installations that would have been considered impossible just a few years ago can now be considered routine with the Minimal Impact Air Drilling Service from Minimal Impact.