Municipal Contractors

Minimal Impact, a specialized utility contracting organization with a diverse service portfolio, offers 25 years of experience in providing turnkey pipeline construction services. As the largest civil trenchless contractor in Western Canada. We maintain our leadership position through building trust; delivering quality work; meeting commitments; and having the resources to be the best in our business.

Municipal Service Portfolio

  • Water, sewer, telecom and electric transmission line construction
  • Trunk construction
  • Subdivision servicing
  • Treatment facilities
  • Lift stations
  • Control structures
  • CIPP lining
  • Infrastructure replacement

Turbidity Curtains

Turbidity or Floating Silt Curtains are flexible sediment control barriers designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in lakes, rivers and other water bodies when work is being performed in water, or on or near the shoreline. Constructed of permeable or non-permeable material, the Turbidity Curtain is suspended vertically in the water with flotation material enclosed in the top pocket and a ballast chain enclosed in the lower pocket. Minimal Impact maintains a operating stock standard and custom fabricated sizes with material options and curtain depths and lengths to suit most project needs.


Minimal Impact utilizes multi-segment superflumes. Combined with our water dams we are able to divert up to 5 cubic metres of water per second to assist with open cut river crossings.

Watercourse Open Cut

When subsurface conditions are discovered that are not suitable to a trenchless installation method, Minimal Impact has the experience and equipment to complete the installation. Having developed practices and procedures to minimize Harmful Alteration Disruption or Distruction (HADD) of habitat Minimal Impact open cut methodologies have been proven to complete projects on time and on budget with an absolute minimal environmental impact.

Aqua Dams

Aqua Dam utilizes water filled tubes to control water. Aqua Dam was originally designed as a method for blocking off streams for pipeline crossings. Using Aqua Dams to complete pipeline crossings is one of the most environmentally effective methods in use and is ideally suited to crossings involving large diameter pipelines.